Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All Hallows Eve... more Sacred than we know...

We move into a time of year, that I have to say, has been so full of commercialization that I have increasing problems wanting to celebrate. Not only do the department stores and other sellers of holiday "stuff" jump the gun by reminding us with their displays to buy, buy, buy, but they can't even wait until one festive event is finished or even arrived before the decorations are up for the next. I think the problem is that we have all become disconnected from the reason we celebrate and observe the various feasts in the first place. Take Halloween for example. In ancient times when people were much more connected with Tara, a more personal name for our Earth, they developed feasts and festivals to show gratitude and to celebrate the life force given to them by the Creator. Samhain was the mid way point between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice. It was a time of the realization that there would be a great diminishing of the light and with it, Tara's life force and her sources of sustainance . This was more important because they didn't have electricity, so they missed it more that we do now. There is much more to the reasons for the season, but, what I take away from it for myself is to be more mindful of the light's decreasing and an invitation to do more to increase the light from within. It is also a time to try and conserve or reserve some of my own life force flow so that I can last through until Spring, when Tara will share more of her energy with her children. As the light lessens in my outer world, I am more conscious that I am the carrier of a Light Source within. I am always looking for ways to take the next few months of sacred feasts and rework them for myself. I know the world around me may be stuck in following the prompts of the shopping malls and media, which makes me want all the more to rebel and celebrate in more meaningful ways. This is a time when the veil between the worlds is very thin. It is a time, that as we turn inward,( something the darkness invites us to do) our loved ones who have crossed to the other side can converse more easily with us and can inspire our actions. For me, that will mean creating a different set of rituals and observances. What about any of you out there? What are you thinking as we move into "The Holidays?"


storyteller said...

Once again you have eloquently illuminated issues in my own heart and I am grateful to join you and others at this Hearth. These days I avoid malls and stores entirely mostly because of the over-commercialization of holidays that arrive much too early for me.

On Sacred Ruminations this morning I left a message describing what I've done traditionally during November with my students for decades, though now that I'm "happily retired" ... I have no students per se, so I offered it to whoever happens by today.

The Dream said...

"... I am more conscious that I am the carrier of a Light Source within." You are. I am.

First off, Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love EVERYTHING about it, especially how reflective I become. Thus leading me to Thanksgiving when I combine the smaller Gratitude lists created throughout the year. Christmas - BIG joy (though not as huge for me as Easter, but huge, nonetheless).

The retail world is out of control. Almost a full month before Halloween, I saw a store completely decked out with Christmas decorations. Sickening. So this year, I am focused on giving books to all of my grand nieces and nephews, candles and artwork (by self and others) to many, and only two trendy gifts (teenagers). I will not be setting foot in a mall under any circumstances; I am not into making myself crazy.

The main thing for me is to continue to share what light I have.

Love your creation in the photo!

Kayce aka lucy said...

"to be more mindful of the light's decreasing and an invitation to do more to increase the light from within." i agree that increasing the light within does not include more trips to the mall.

i have been pondering how i can share my light with others whether it be through more writing of my own or sponsoring others' passionate gifts.

thanks for this room for reflection.

Deborah said...

The weeks before Thanksgiving are some of my favorites. I love the holidays but the time right before is still so chocked with potential - the daydreaming about gifts to be given, the cookies to bake, the Christmas carols, seeing family - and none of it is ruined by the "reality" that hits once we get closer. All of a sudden there's too much to do in too little time, the cookie ingredients laugh at me from the shelf and the family members...well, they act like family.

But in these precious weeks I can focus on what I love and if I focus hard enough, I store up enough of that luscious energy to get me through the season's more stressful aspects.

Kelly said...

I also have stopped celebrating traditional holidays for the reasons you already understand. Thank you for reminding me that as the outer light fades, it is time to stoke the hearth fires. How will I celebrate the darker days? One thing I want to do is use winter root vegetables in the meals I prepare through fall and winter for the family I live with.

Monique Kleinhans said...

I feel that people have turned to what they think is a 'quick fix' when it comes to celebrating these sacred times. "if it LOOKS like I'm celebrating by the things I've bought..." then they don't have to think or act or sit and experience the reasons behind why we tend to focus and celebrate.

I find that art, and the act of creating helps me to focus on the inner landscapes that deserve to be visited and explored....and then should I use them as decorations I get to enjoy that immediate deeper connection to the inspiration and breath that fuels all of us.

Miss Robyn said...

I am pretty excited that a Catholic nun follows the wheel of the year... I tend towards nature based spirituality.. love this post too! I am looking forward to reading more

Ruth said...

This is wonderful - I got to your blog via MissR's blog. Like her I am interested in nature based spirituality and I am thrilled to find a catholic nun who resonates with my way of thinking so closely. And I totally agree with you about the tawdriness of the commercial world - I find it sad and alienating. I have just posted up a poem I wrote about Samhain (or Halloween) if you care to look at my blog.

Annie Jeffries said...

Fall is my favorite time of the year and the celebrations and birthdays in our family come one after another between Halloween and New Years. It has always been a happy, planning time. The more commercial merchants became, the more I resisted the lore of buy, buy, buy. I won't say I was always successful but I did and DO resist the rush to buy. I pray more, read more spiritually, I concentrate on the celebrations and five birthdays individually.

But this Fall is not a happy time. It has become a time of mourning and waiting for the passing of a young man. It is a time of sorrow for my son and his wife that so early in their marriage they needed to make hard decisions to leave jobs and move back across the country so that she could be with her brother in his last months.

It is a time when I rely full time on God to trust that He will provide the new beginning that this young couple will need and that the brother will find a gentle release into the next life.

So, for me, while Fall has always been a time of celebration, it is now a time of deep reflection and meditation.