Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Friday, January 30, 2009

How the @#%* does this happen?

This is probably not what you expected to see upon my return to the Hearthtalks blog, but, it has been a mystery I have been pondering for quite some time. I thought I'd put it out there for the rest of you to offer insights about. It seems common, around computers and such and here's how it goes: After carefully organizing all the wires so they are not tangled and everything is connected to everything else, you know, the printer, phone/router, scanner, fax and on and on. Then, the moment my back is turned the wires somehow mysteriously tangle and become a snake pit! Is is all the energy that runs through these wires in the form of electricity and data that causes it? I know I could get tie downs and wrap everything in one stream of wires side by side, but, that has drawbacks if you want to move something. The whole "shooting match" has to move with it. My theory is that there are little gremlins that like to mess with me. Case in point...why this type font suddenly showed up! Even when I highlight what I have just typed and give it the command to match size and font style, as soon as I resume typing, it reverts. It didn't happen until my sister, who was struggling with all kinds of things on her computer, gave up and left. The gremlins that were messing with her decided to trouble me now. Such is cyberspace. Anyone else have these problems?


JSK said...

I do, I do ....

I type my posts in Word first then paste them into the post, select the text, and the color I want to use.

Then I decide I want to tweak the post. Lo and behold the edits are a different color and nothing will make them change to the color I have chosen. Often, the only solution is to copy it back into Word and start all over again.

Since out cats chase sprites or are chased by them, I wonder if some have targeted me.

Ah well!

Rebecca said...

Hehehe....Mercury has been retrograde for the last 3 weeks, but everything should improve in a few days after it goes direct tomorrow. Communications are especially affected - and electronic devices can get so incredibly messed up.

Good luck! Nice to see you back on blogger.

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back!!! I don't know about the wires, but for the font troubles, I switch over to HTML view and take out all the code. Oh, and I never compose in Word. That just results in all sorts of code that it takes too long to delete.

Your sister is not there with you anymore?

miss*R said...

the cords? Oh lord, I have no idea.. but... I fixed it. I got ties. I tied them all neatly, bundled them up.. tying each to itself.. not giving a bit of leeway.. but they still did it. The tiny bit of cord that was left untied has tangled. ????
the font? .. who knows. blogger has a mind of its own. Blogger does not like us to think we are in control hee, hee..

good to see you back here Sr.K... xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ah mercury is retrograde! That explains a lot!
And why those nasty little gremlins are a float!
Good to have you back Sr. K!
And good luck. Wish I had some wonderful advice but I am dealing with my own little gremlins right now . . . I can still see the "beauty in the day" and am just trying to laugh them off! I know they will go away for a while only to return another day!

Wendy said...

Oh, I think the gremlins are all around us and come out to play whenever they want to - just to keep us on our toes.
I found you through Robyn's blog.
What happened to your "river of grace flows through you" blog? Did gremlins eat that one too?
Love and Light

Serena said...

I solved my tangled cord problem by getting a wireless mouse and keyboard....love them BUT they do go through the batteries. I solved that problem too but getting rechargeable batteries with 15 minute recharger unit. :)

As for font, I can only assume that you compose in a different program then 'copy and paste' into your blog post body? If so, it's likely that original code format of the program you composed your post in conflicts with the code format in Blogger. Word, in particular, tries to dominate. For long posts, I generally compose them in the basic Windows Notepad because it's easier and it doesn't have all the extra coding that other word processing programs use. Nonetheless, you can alter your font on your post via the HTML tab in your Create Post' box.

Good luck ~

love, light and peace,

ladybug said...

Have you tried tangling them up really good and then trying to keep them tangled? (maybe then the powers that be would think you don't want them straitened?)