Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Friday, March 27, 2009

Vote for the Earth During Earth Hour 2009!

I invite you to join the growing numbers of people on our planet who will vote for the EARTH at 8:30 pm local time on March 28th and turn their lights out for one hour.This is a growing movement that started in 2007 in Australia to raise awareness of global warming and the earth in peril. It is a very simple concept that we can do to be in unity with an act that symbolizes our commitment to care for our planet and connect with one another in a moment of oneness. Short notice, but a powerful act of unity for any out there who would join me. Last year, at least 50 million people all around the world did this. We're aiming for one billion souls this year to vote for Earth! Come on, turn out your lights, and light a candle for US ALL. See you in the dark.


rebecca said...

Indeed...I will be doing just this.

Searching For My Willoughby said...

We will most certainly be joining in.

Thank you for your prayers for my daughter. Your comments really struck me because I see something in my older two and their friends that I find hard to explain. They seem so unafraid to listen to their own soul, their own authority, and they seem to have an openness to the world and those that are different. Actually, I often feel jealous at their ability to follow their own voice instead of always looking for an outside authority - something I still have difficulty with at 48. I am hopeful for the future.

Oh, and I don't get the tattoos or piercings either, but it wasn't one of my parental battles. I suspect someday they will come out.