Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Friday, January 18, 2008

Here comes the sun!

After low, these many days, we finally get some sun! It seems we have had one storm right after another, so when even a small amount of sunlight peeks through the clouds, my soul is on it like bees to honey. As if on cue, a surprise arrived in the mail today to help celebrate the sun. One of my customers sent a thank you gift of a Rose window she made. As soon as I hung it in the window, the sun took this as an invitation to wow me.

I have been thinking that perhaps this is a way the Universe is waiting for the invitation from our species to expand to a higher frequency of being, just waiting for us to notice and say yes to the possibilities. When there seems to be fear and worry all around, either about the war or terrorists, the economy spiraling downward, or even what poor Britney is up to now, these are all distractions that can take us from our joy. What I find when I am busy creating and playing and enjoying myself, I feel I'm vibrating at a higher frequency. This , in my opinion, is what is necessary for the whole human race and for the entire planet, our solar system and beyond, from a cellular level outward: that we maintain a higher frequency long enough to reach the evolutionary jump point that is our destiny! You know how magnetic love can be, how attractive joy is. We all want to go that way. There is a great pull going on for our attention. Will it be the petty little tyrants that want to drag us down with their fears and angst or are we going to reach for the stars? Remember, we are made of stars, so as long as we don't get distracted we have to choose for the stars...It's who we are!


lucy said...

"What I find when I am busy creating and playing and enjoying myself, I feel I'm vibrating at a higher frequency." me, too, absolutely!!!

i am surrounded by shining stars and reaching for them as best i can...it's much easier once you start stretching!!! shine on, sr. k!!!

luna said...

Beautiful mandala/window!

I, too, was enjoying the sun today from my little, rustic studio in the trees of Nehalem.

Oh, I LOVE the hearthstones. Gwendolyn had them at Wanderland and I knew I had to have them. I purchased mine from Ginger at Only Fair in Manzanita.


Elspeth said...

That's a great gift. I love your posts too. They are always spot on.

Anonymous said...

We are going to reach for the stars!

miss*R said...

I am trying so hard to reach for the stars!

ladybug said...

yes yes yes!!!!

I couldn't agree more.

Let us all actively search out and spend time with the things that bring us joy and that higher vibration. Because if we all get enthused, the world will follow.

Nothing is more contagious and lovely than honest, pure enthusiasm.

luna said...

I found something else you might appreciate...that many of the so called "Rose Windows" in fact, mimic the design and patterns of human DNA, as viewed as a cross section. This does not surprise me too much... if you think of us all connected and that we have collective consciousness it is not so tough to grasp.




A bird in the hand said...

It's true! when I'm making my collages or painting at my easel, I'm in another dimension. My reaction to all the fearmongering in what's becoming "Fortress North America" is to see it for what it is -- fearmongering -- and work on being peaceful inside. I've learned it's better and easier to smile at a stranger, maybe help if they need it, and start a domino effect.

sorrow11 said...

Living in the light, I imagine it's not as distracting, like shadows on glass.

Tracy said...

Wonderful thoughts! Hope you have a lovely evening. :)

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