Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Waiting at Heaven's Gate

Today mom was enrolled in hospice. Though she has been in a rest home for a number of years, she took a serious turn this past week and the Doctors said they don't expect to recover from a bleed into her brain and it would be risky, or at least not really improve things to do any surgery. I and my family are preparing for her crossing. My father, too, has been in decline, and though at the present time he seems to be in a bit of a rally, both he and my mother are probably going to "leave the planet" in the not so distant future. That's the thing, though: no one really knows when. It will probably be just a quiet slipping away for both of them. The last time I was with mom, she was in a coma so I didn't expect a response, but talked and sang to her, knowing she was following my every word and song. I wear a gold band on my finger that marks my religious commitment. This ring was made from a combination of gold from the rings both Mom and Dad gave each other when they married. Over time their rings have been replaced with new ones. Since I made my final vows on their wedding anniversary, the three of us share a special date in time, and a very special ring. It must have stirred something in her when I told her when I was with her this last time, that when ever I twirled the ring on my finger, I was thinking of them both and that it would be a special signal to her when she got to the other side that I was calling her. It gave a whole new meaning to the words: "I'll ring you up." Both my sister and I were with her. When we got ready to leave we said our goodbyes and I love yous, not knowing if it would be for the last time, and, she opened her eyes and said, "And, I love you!", then she took my sister's hand and kissed the back of it. That has always been my confirmation that we are in the presence of an angel!(so many times in my life when I have an odd encounter with someone who seems a bit out of place, and then their parting gesture to me is to kiss the back of my hand, I know it's a heavenly visitor I've just been with.)

We were both blown away, of course. And so we wait on heaven. No one really knows when she or my father will swing out on the great cosmic Smile of Divine love and move into another existence. They celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary on August 7th, tomorrow. We'll just have to wait and see..........


miss*R said...

lovely post dear Sr.K.... and you know that you are all in my thoughts, prayers and my heart.
I love that photo on the post too, I can imagine our dearly departed on the other side of the gate, waving at us from 'beyond the veil'

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and love and prayers are with you all. How wonderful still to have both parents and to be able to anticipate such a peaceful passage for them both. That is a blessing.

Wendy said...

What beautiful memories you have of your dear mother.
My mother also died of a brain hemorrhage. My dad, brothers and I were all around her bedside in the hospital. I was crying my eyes out, but the male members were stoic.
A decision was made to transfer my mother to another hospital. We said our good-byes fully expecting to catch up with her at the new hospital. She died in the ambulance with only my father present. I think she wanted us children "tucked up in bed" or somewhere else before she could let go.