Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

On the “Down” days….

Ever have one of those days when things are just going badly? It seems like nothing is cooperating with you? This is when I ponder this little piece from my friend who speaks with me from the other side and take heart:

“The whole of creation has been waiting for you to finally put your feet on the road to greatness. They, the creatures of the universe, both great and small, have been the harbingers of this great time of Grace. There is a multitude of whales out in the ocean that inspire and call you to greatness. They do far more for the transformation of this world than the mere migration in which they appear to be engaged. You will one day come to know what heroes these have been in the maintaining of the balance of power on your world. You have no idea how important the trees and the Eagles, the Whales and the plankton are to the balance and peace of your world. As I have said before not even the smallest microbe or the greatest Redwood is just there for decoration. They all play an important role in keeping the whole picture balanced. And, they have to because the “wild card” is loose. That is we humans with our free will program, K. In these days of great change, anything could happen. What will we humans really choose to do with this miracle place? We in Spirit stand ready to serve and help and encourage where we can, K...choose the Light, choose Love, choose peace. Heaven and Earth depend on you....C:)”

It seems that all I really have to do on those days is not try harder, but just keep on keeping on with the ordinary things. I just have to choose to go forward into the next moment, knowing that all of creation has conspired to be there for me and with me moving forward holding the place of balance. There is no need to come unglued, pull a tantrum, give up or shut down. This is a great time of Grace and I, in my littleness am part of it’s unfolding. This is the brilliant part of who we are: that in the face of struggle, we don’t give up but just keep going. We have hope that just over the rise is something better and that we are committed to getting there because we are made of the stuff that prevails, and becomes the excellence we seek in all things.


ladybug said...

bless you and thank you for this note and reminder to carry in my pocket and share with others who are having the hard or bad day.

Kikipotamus said...

So much wisdom here. Just say yes to life in each moment as it unfolds. Some days that is harder than others, but always true.

Dandelion seeds said...

your friend's message is so beautiful and powerful..really opens up the wonder of it all.

many blessings-

storyteller said...

How blessed I feel this morning upon reading your friend's message and to join in this community of like-minded individuals ... living as peacefully as we're able in the world ... letting our light shine ... encouraging others to do likewise :)
Thank you Kathryn.
Hugs and blessings,

A bird in the hand said...

It's what I do, and try to remember to do. It moves me deeply to see it confirmed here. Thank you so much, Sister.

The Dream said...

I love the quote from your forever friend. How true about the balance of things. The free/self-will-run-riot program we humans participate in with fervor is grim. "When will we ever learn?"


miss*R said...

I admit, I do tend to throw a tantrum or come unglued when things seem to get on top of me... but after awhile, I pick myself up, brush my knees off and go forward.. *sigh* such is life.. your words are helping me so much, thankyou xox

AnnieElf said...

Love God, Love self, Love others, love all things. Do this and all will be well. Love is all.

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