Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Friday, November 30, 2007

There's stars in your bones!

One of the ways that I am shifting in my awareness is what some are calling the New Cosmology. This is a way of explaining the story of the Universe and our place in it. It boils down to the fact that the very elements that make up the periodic table and our physical reality, our bodies and such, started out in space eons ago. These very elements, the scientists believe, make up the stars. In the whole creation of our planet, the collision of these stardust particles is now in our bones and in every fiber of our being. My friend on the other side puts it this way:
“…But, then, this moment is it, K. The rest is a dream, really, a theory about reality. Now is real. Be in the now with all your heart. Be a shinning star in the now moment. In fact, K, it would be a good exercise and project to concentrate on creating a whole line of stars in your studio. Attach your wonderful words to why you have stars and why you should be conscious of all the hidden stars in your world. Stars are everywhere. Don’t wait to get hit on the head before you see the stars, K. I mean it. The very ground you walk on is made of stars and stardust. The very water and air that surrounds you, stars; ice and snow, stars; the very vapors in your breath… STARS! If you could experience the stars that you create by your very breath and the way we see you from our perspective…well, it’s very “trippy” and awesome to behold, trust me! You will begin to see more and more of what I mean. In the mean time, know that there really are stars in your bones... And, K, they are ever a reminder that you are vast and your blessings to our world and yours are vast. (yes, your very presence in body does affect our world, too.) Being aware of the awesomeness and incredible beauty that is now, K, this is what I am talking about. You need to just be amazed by the miracle of you and your world, that’s all. Think about this as you step out into your world each day, you starbringer, you awesome maker of infinity! For, that is what you think of when you look out into the night sky on the coast, where you can still see infinity of stars.”

What a great idea! I am going to set up my creating work in the studio today and just make clay stars. Hmmm… this could be fun to have a day of seeing stars. Who knows what being in the now moment might turn out to be. Let’s all make a pact, that today, what ever we do; we will just be in the now to the best of our ability. Resist the distractions, just take each now moment as it comes and tend to it with focus. May all you starbringers out there who often come to this hearth, have an experience of being awash in the magic of stardust


Carla said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

miss*R said...

oh thankyou xoxo
I had a dream a few nights ago that I was in a circle and stars, feathers and sequins were falling all around me.. then I come here and the stars are from you..
I think I will make myself some stars.. I will make the pact and do my best to be in the now and I am looking forward to being awash in the magick of stardust.. thankyou Kathryn, you are true gem xoxo

Kikipotamus said...

I love those words...that everything else is but a theory about reality. Only the present moment is real. I get so much comfort from that.

storyteller said...

Thank you :)
I love your friend's sense of humor and shall remember not to let myself get "hit on the head to see stars" ... but I'll keep my eyes open and watch for them everywhere.
Hugs and blessings,

Dandelion seeds said...

this post takes my breath away because I have been looking more at the stars lately and reading stargirl and books about stars and well...what an amazing illumination on stars this has given me.

Penny said...

Beautiful post. I have believed for quite some time that we are all a small piece of the universe, we are connected with every cell to every other cell in the universe. Such an overwhelming feeling. We are truly made of 'star stuff'!

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