Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Catching Dreams together

One of the emerging themes for me this past year has been the power of the dream and the dream carrier. Without the dream to move us forward we would forever stay stuck and never grow to our greatest potential. Many times nightmares, one of the many dreams we would rather not look at, tend to be the most powerful dreams for moving us forward. It is what we fear most that shows us our greatest strength, in the end.

To celebrate the power of activating new dreams and visions for ourselves and our world, I was inspired to create dreaming bowls.

Dreams and visioning have long been a way that great ideas and projects have become a reality in our lives. The dream starts as a longing or seed Idea that wants to be born in us and wants to become a reality for a greater good in our world. Some dreams take their time becoming manifest and need a place of incubation within us. Having a place to hold our emerging dream helps make the dream feel more real because it seems to occupy space outside of us. Thus, the dreaming bowl was created. I have found that the very act of creating the dreaming bowl project and making them available to others has sparked more dreams being manifest.

Around the Winter Solstice each year I make a series of luminarias, little lanterns that hold a candle. I have shared about this project in an earlier post. I found myself making some of the luminarias that also have become dreaming bowls. This is a combination of the dreaming bowl and the luminaria. Each dreaming bowl has a different saying on it about carrying the dreams we have. I never know what dream saying will emerge but just let the Spirit inspire me. On one such dreaming bowl/luminaria came the words: "You are here to birth your dreams...Push now!" This is just what I see happening in the lives of those of you who have joined the Hearthtalk circle. Not because you joined this circle but, because now, by your joining, I get to visit your blogs and see how you are pushing to birth your dreams. You are the ones who have "put your feet on the road to greatness." Not the kind of greatness we may hear about on the nightly news, but the quiet way you reach for the stars in your own lives. I am so grateful for the dreams you carry and the way you ignite new dreams and visions in me. It is awesome to sit around this Hearth with you.You may not realize this, but it shapes the next projects I create. Our world is blessed by the dreams unfolding in all of us and the way we are catching dreams together.Thank You for your lives!


Ted Marshall said...

The bowls look beautiful.
One of the things I am unsure of in dreams is to what extent my more extreme dreams are directly influenced by what I've been seeing and doing, rather than messages from my subconscious.
For example my recent dreams the night after I had both watched a violent film and read a gruesome "whodunnit" were predictably weird. Were they also trying to tell me something or just replaying immediate external influences? I don't know.

Kelly said...

I have to remember that one... "now PUSH!"

Monique Kleinhans said...

You have the ability to put in to words what is in our hearts as well. thank you for sharing that gift with all of us. It has been a pleasure reading your thoughts, your dreams, your wisdom and your questions. And I feel so blessed when you visit my written wanderings as well. I agree that by gathering around all of our different visions and tales of the paths we are on we reshape each other's dreams, and visions of a new possible world...for us as individuals and for our world as a whole.

I've always had dreams catchers....but I think you've inspired me to move up to giving these dreams a place to grow until they are ready to pop out.

thank you for being a part of my year...I look forward to sharing in the next as well.


thailandchani said...

I love your posts! :) Since I don't remember dreams, it's awfully hard to assign any real meaning to them.. but I do like the idea of it!

Swadee pi mai! :)

Unknown said...

The bowl is beautiful! I am a new fan of your blog. You have the most thought provoking posts.

I have vivid dreams but I am always unsure of their meaning.

Carla said...

What a beautiful bowl, Kathryn! I hope you have one for sale when Sr. Cathy and I come to visit this spring. Happy New Year, amazing you!

Unknown said...

Your bowls are amazingly beautiful. I enjoyed reading about them and how you were inspired to make them. You seem like a creative spirit. Thank you for sharing.

The Dream said...

Since Dream is my nickname, and I have many of them, both in my unconscious and conscious (and in between, too), I SO appreciate reading this post. Just when I have realized a dream/goal, there are plenty more for me to head toward.

Miss Robyn said...

I had a dream last night.. the first that I have remembered in months.. and it was all about the Goddess..
I have been away at the seaside for a few days and cannot wait to catch up on your posts..
oh & I do love your dream bowls.. seems I am going to have to order one as well as the others I plan to order.
I love you blog - I am so looking forward to reading throughout 2008.. you open up things in my soul :)

Monica said...

Is there somewhere I could purchase one of your dreaming bowls?

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