Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Putting it in perspective....

This is just what I needed! A dear friend of mine sent me a bunch of pictures taken from the Hubble Telescope as a way of wishing me a blessed Solstice. I'm sure you can goggle this to get an address for seeing more of these awesome and breath taking visions of the many mind boggling ways the Creator likes to play, dance, shimmer and dazzle us. There is this wonderful quote in one of the Sufi mystical writings, though I don't know the reference for it, that goes something like this: "I was alone and longed to be known and so I created the Universe." Wow! Having a mere glimpse of the bigger reality out beyond my little sphere of influence and concerns always puts it all into perspective for me.

The other day I was listening to a news clip in which some woman from Iowa was being interviewed about her concerns as they related to the many presidential hopefuls making a last ditch effort to persuade voters before the primaries. She said: " I'm just not willing to have any more of my tax dollars going to pay for someone Else's child to have a hot breakfast before school each day..." I could not believe that kind of stingy thinking still goes on in this world. Of course that thought alone ( about the stingy thinking) was a bit judgemental on my part, but while I'm at it, I suppose that same concern would not also extend to the farmers in her state who are getting farm subsidies to grow corn. Then I got into a small snit about how pervasive corn by-products (they call it the cornification of America) are within our way of life. These are the little Ninja thoughts that can pop out of no where and push me off kilter. One sneaky thought can lead into another and before I know it I'm on a roll. So, when I opened up my e-mail and found these wonderful pictures, it was a great way to just let the awesomeness of these photos take my breath away. As I contemplate the wonder of the vastness and glory out beyond the little point of light that is our world, I am grateful there is something beyond my petty little concerns that the Creator is ever tending to. Let this be our response to this moment: Glory be and Be the Glory!


Kikipotamus said...

This is one of my favourite images from the Hubble. Couldn't you just stare at it and stare some more?

A bird in the hand said...

Those little ninja thoughts are part of our being human, no? Still, these days I try to catch them and replace them with something more positive...but faced with people's thoughtlessness (i.e., speaking without thinking what their words mean and how they would affect others), it can be such a hard thing to do!

Dandelion seeds said...

"glory be and be the glory"

this so resonates with me. Because we are the glory to the creator too...along with those amazing celestial lights. For so long, it's been so hard for me to believe that. Even just feeling a pinprick of it is amazing.

wonderful post. I hope you have a magical, heartfelt, amazing christmas.

ladybug said...

Wonderful post, thank you for sharing this piece of art ;)

My friends gifted me with a lovely bell this year...just a small bell on a beaded string. It is called a "now" bell, and every time it rings you are reminded to just "be...here...now" and experience the glory that surrounds us at every little moment of our lives.

Glad you got a artistic version of this from a friend of yours as well.


miss*R said...

ahhh it is so good to know that you too have these kind of thoughts... so very part of being human.

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