Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Of Moons and Mirrors

One of the gifts of darkness is that it makes us long for the light. The physical darkness is never more a reminder that we are beings of light who merely take time out to rest when darkness falls than when we move into the season of winter. At times on my blog I have shared that I have been able to communicate with a dear friend who passed away some years back. I have faithfully recorded her communications with me and wondered if you’d like to read some thoughts she has shared about the importance of the light.

She says:
This is our quest at this time: Moving the Light forward. It will be more challenging as we move into the time of the year when the physical light is lessening, but it is also increasing within. It’s all about the Light! and you are slowly but surely realizing that Light is the most important of all realities. Not just the Light your eyes can discern, but the hidden light you can sense. There are codes embedded within every sub-atomic particle that show the Light in all the myriad of forms it can be manifest. Those codes of light are in you, too! Once activated through consciousness shifts… that’s right consciousness!... Once activated, you are never the same. Anything that has been activated can never go back...it must go forward. And, if enough of anything becomes conscious, it makes the whole conscious! And you are a part of this light code activation going on. You are an activator. The light, the physical light in your world is a conveyor of information, so when you are exposed to this light, you are “hooked up” to an information stream and you are in constant communication with this main conduit. When the light lessens, at seasonal changes, you can feel the lessening of the flow and almost feel bereft and panicked. Especially at times that you need reassurance. The light is as necessary as oxygen! No wonder the Angels and other sentient beings stop and watch the coming and the going of the light each day. It‘s as if they were peering into the face of God... All union takes place there. In other words, there is a knowing, that all we know and love is contained there in an eternal wholeness. Each and every star in the heavens is an expression of the sacredness, the sacred dimension of the Light and the Source of All Light, the ultimate Source of all that is... I am referring to Creator, here.... All reflections of light, like moons and mirrors are sacred. They are models of who we are. When the light shines on us, we reflect such back and out into our reality. The moon is the great teacher of who we can be and who we are. (This is why Mother Mary and everything feminine is connected with the moon. She was and is such a great mirror of the Divine.) Think of Creator as the sun shining powerfully and brightly and fiercely at times, and we the light catchers, the moon circling endlessly reflecting the glory! That dream you had many years ago, K, of the brilliant Disk of Light over the water and the even more brilliant figure standing within, standing out in high contrast, this was a gift of a glimpse of our reality over here, so you would know what it was like and what you are moving toward. You are being drawn each moment ever nearer, like a moth to the light, K. Stand in this great light and dance there too, Heaven is where you stand, K. What more can I say...C:)

So, just that little bit inspires me to think about all the ways that I can acknowledge the importance of light and the Source of Light in my world and in myself. Instead of falling into the same pattern of getting all the Christmas things out and putting up the tree, in lock step with the rest of America because that’s what I’m supposed to do at this time of year, I am making a conscious choice of what symbols speak to me. I like the idea of mirrors and moons as sacred. I think I’ll do something more with using a mirror or a moon symbol when I decorate this year. (I may have to pay a special visit to my favorite moon blog and her candle store.)

This being the feast of the Immaculate Conception will be a good time to connect with something more powerful about Mother Mary... not so much the image the Church would like us to focus on, which for many of us nuns makes us want to distance ourselves from the unreal woman on the pedestal. This thought about the moon connection and the mirror, one who shines back to the beholder, the Divine Beloved. Do you realize the implications for all of us looking into that mirror? (Okay, material for yet another blog entry in the future, I'm sure.)

This whole thing about the sun makes me more committed to do a bit more sun bathing this next summer. Not so much for the tan but for the light activation that is going on I never thought about before. And, then there is moon bathing and gazing more at the moon. Maybe looking directly at the moon is the way we can connect with the information being “downloaded” from the sun by making eye contact with the light through reflection. Hmmm there’ll be more, later so stay tuned.


The Dream said...

I found your mention of how nuns are looking to see Mary in a NEW way very interesting. The moons and mirrors concept reminds me of some things I drew out of Sue Monk Kidd's book "The Dance of the Dissident Daughter." Please pay a visit to my blog today - for some of my thoughts and feelings about The Blessed Mother and being a wayward-yet-forever Catholic.

miss*R said...

Down here in Australia we are heading toward Litah/midsummer, our longest night of the year - I am actually decorating with Sun symbols, so it is kind of similar to your idea of the Moon for the shortest day of your year. I am trying so hard to fight the 'getting caught up in christmas frenzy & silliness' too.

your post makes me wonder about my own struggle with the monthly New Moon, you can feel the lessening of the flow and almost feel bereft and panicked. Especially at times that you need reassurance. The light is as necessary as oxygen! - it makes sense to me and lately have been struggling less after reassurance from my lovely blog ladies who understand how I feel.
another great post! I love your blog writings xoxo - thankyou

miss*R said...

oh and two more things:
be careful when sun bathing - don't forget sunscreen!
and also Doreen Virtue regularly Moon baths - out on her deck at night, on a lounge she just lies for awhile bathing in the moon! wonderful idea I think

Dandelion seeds said...

I love the idea of the moon reflecting the great light-what a lovely metaphor.

you know, I love christmas lights and banks of candles-it's my favorite thing about the holiday. I think I have a better understanding why I am drawn to it now.

Kikipotamus said...

Hopkins is one of my favourite poets of all time. When I finally get around to videotaping myself on my blog, I believe I would like to read one of his poems.

A bird in the hand said...

I was very moved by this post. I can't explain it, because I'm not sure why. Some kind of recognition? It doesn't matter though. I look at the moon every night from right here where I'm sitting. I look up and it it's visible I see it. Mirrors: an entire subject in itself.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and conversations, with us.

Anonymous said...

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