Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blessings abound!

One of my all time favorite things to do is to make blessing bowls. Many years ago when I would sit down to throw a bowl I would find myself imagining the people who would use these bowls at family dinners, potlucks, or for their own quiet meal, be it the morning bowl of Cheerios, the midnight snack of Ramen soup or a bowl of popcorn as they watch a movie on TV. My mind and heart always surrounded each lump of clay with kind thoughts and blessings. One day someone suggested I write the blessing on the bowl. At first I inscribed them on the bottom of the bowl, but, lately, I have taken to writing them around the rim. I don't come to the session with a note pad of blessings already composed I copy on to the rims, rather I come with a quiet, listening mind and heart and let Spirit "dictate" the blessing. I don't even stop to read what is written, I just continue on until every one is finished. It is only after the glaze firing when I am taking them out of the kiln that I stop and read them. It's as if I am reading them for the first time. I often wonder as I read: "Who writes this stuff, anyway?" Blessings like: "Blessings come from every in and out breath that you take, endlessly and abundantly blessing the world around you as you move forward, so there is no need to run!" Or this one: "The world is full of those who are waiting, when they could be blessing!" or "Where will the blessings start if not from the one that is hidden inside of you?" It blows me away, every time I open the kiln. There are just not enough moments in the day to be eating salad or chili or whatever in order to try out all the blessing bowls that strike me as the one I want to keep and use for myself. I once had a customer that decided the bowl I was eating my lunch out of was the one she wanted to buy. She didn't even care that I had been eating my daily salad out of it for the past year. She was not going to leave until I agreed to sell it to her. I said:" would you at least let me wash it first, before I sell it to you?" Do I understand that? I don't even stop and question such things any more. It's that I am willing to stop and let blessings flow into my work and out into the world into the lives of people who are ready to receive them, that seems to matter to Spirit. It doesn't stop there because those who catch the idea, go forward and share the blessings with others. There is one customer that buys a whole bunch of blessing bowls at a time and has me send them to him. He trusts me to send the colors and blessings that are right for him. Then, when he entertains, many lucky friends of his leave his home with their very own blessing bowl.

Some have thought only priests or holy people could bless, until they realized in this simple way how the world glows and swells with their thoughts of blessing. They realize that whatever they may being doing in their life with their energy can also be full of blessing for others. As you fold the family laundry or mow the lawn, you can send out blessings. We are always sending out energy, let's do it intentionally.

So, here's the invitation: March 1st is my birthday and on my birthday I traditionally give gifts to others rather than receive them. (My friend, who communicates with me from the "other side" says: "This is so appropriate for you because the day you were born the world receive a great gift! And, this is true of everyone born into your world.")
Would you be willing to celebrate with me by doing something to bless your world in a special way that day? Have fun with it. It may be blowing bubbles out over the balcony to those below, or making cookies and sharing with your workmates. Let the "muses of blessing" inspire you, because, I have come to believe our greatest work is always to bless, and bless and bless.


thailandchani said...

Wow... I can't believe it! There is someone else in the world who views birthdays the way I do! Giving gifts and thanks to people for being in my life seems an appropriate way to acknowledge a birthday.

Of course I will remember March 1. :)

Autumn said...

I like your idea of having the blessing bowl with the words around it. I think that would make a wonderful prayer bowl. Many friends of mine write on a slip of paper when they want to pray for or remember someone/something. Then they toss it into the bowl and at the end of the day take them out one at a time and say the prayer. Once the papers have been read they burn the paper thus sending the thoughts/prayers into the cosmos. Your bowls would be perfect for that if they are fire proof. Just a thought.

Rebecca said...

The blessing bowls sound delightful. Isn't it interesting how we become channels once we are open and willing to be them?

On March 1, I will be blessing others as I help with the first anniversary celebration of the Vista Youth Center here in eastern Washington. What fun!

Blessed be! Life is good.

Elspeth said...

Definitely - doing the blessings - daily and for March first. And the blessing bowls look great! How can I order one? (I am in Trinidad). Can you e-mail me and let me know if and how? nowiswowisnow (at) yahoo (dot) com Thanks. Elspeth.

Penny said...

A beautiful post and I love the idea of giving our birthday gifts to others. I'll be here in North Carolina giving gifts that day to honor your day. How can I find out more about your blessing bowls? I would like to inquire about purchasing a bowl.

Searching for My Willoughby said...

You have blessed my day. Just last week some people were complaining how wrong it was that the whole congregation (laity) extends their arms when giving a blessing to a specific person or group, that only the priest should do that. And I was thinking how when I fold clothes and cook food I bless it with a few words and pray that the person who wears or eats of it, will be blessed. Then I come here and read about your blessing bowls and am inspired.

Do you have an online store where these can be purchased?

Lillithmother said...

ever seen the movie "like water for chocolate"? in one scene, the guests of the wedding begin, one by one, to cry as they eat the wedding cake because the baker (the would-be-bride of the sister bride) cried her tears into it's batter. (that's a quick synopsis, you'll have to rent it to find out the whole, wake-up-and-smell-the-chocolate movie ;-) ).

how special that you listen to Spirit when she speaks to you, and i've no doubt that the bowls do make it into the hands and hearts of those who need to hear the message! how's that for a unique "pay-it-foward"?!

thank you for posting this, a small reminder in my crazy days that blessings are capable of healing, however small or brief, as long as my intent is pure...

march 1st ~ it's in my outlook...i'll join you!

Lillithmother (Lil)

sorrow11 said...

I will Hold the first of March as a day of abundant blessings. I will celebrate your birth with Love, laughter and giving.
I think that anything we make and give into this world, if we fill it full of love then it carries that Love forward...
Much Love on your Birthday
and every day

kim said...

I will spread joy around on March first to help celebrate.

The bowls are a wonderful idea.

miss*R said...

Sister K - I love you !!
I will never forget the words you wrote on my blog on my birthday and also the words in my book (by the way, I am saving Hearthstones for the letter H)
March 1st! so that makes you a little Pisces... the intuitive one... maybe my grandson will be born on your birthday!... and I will do as you wish... I will bless each and every person I come into contact with on that day..and my thinking cap is on as to how to do that...
I have learnt alot from you and now, I am remembering to draw hearts around those situations that cause me grief..or worry.
and my wish - to be able to visit you and give you a big hug and buy a blessing bowl that you have eaten off :) xoxo

Kikipotamus said...

That falls on Saturday, right? Sure, I will participate. I was surprised when I moved to Canada and found that in many workplaces, the birthday person brings in treats for the department. That seems a lot more fair to me, less likely to lead to hurt feelings.

BTW, your bowls are awesome!

Julie said...


I have come to you through the blog of my dear friend Robyn. Happy Birthday!

For some reason, your philosophy of blessings (with which I totally agree) reminds me of the film "Chariots of Fire." In the film, Eric Liddel's father tells his sons that they can glorify God in many ways, whether it be Eric's Olympic quest or by "peeling a spud." Indeed, we can glorify and bless in many mundane ways.


Krissie said...

I came here via Miss R's blog and wanted to wish you a happy birthday and may your your blessings be returned to you many hundred fold. That blessing bowl is sensational, I would love to have one and eat from it for it would remind me to be mindful in my daily actions be it even a simple thing like eating chips from it. I hope you had a very happy day of it!

Gemma said...

Happy Birthday. I came over from Miss*R*'s. Today in honor of your birthday I will send good blessings and smiles to the people I meet while shopping and on my daily rounds.

Tinker said...

Though I'm a day late, wishing you a happy birthday. Found you by way of both Miss R and Ninnie.
Your bowls sound like such a wonderful way to bring blessings in to every day moments. Blessings to their creator!

The Dream said...

Happy Birthday (a bit late) - what a wonderful way to celebrate!

Blessings ... being open to the spirit and allowing it to flow through you and be communicated to the world. Awesome.

My great grand sponsor turned me onto this: "Breathe in God, Breathe out Eileen." How cool is that?

Do have have the bowl on your website? I'm off to check it out ...