Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Saturday, May 31, 2008

When Angels come to call.....

They came through the door in a simple way, looking for "Kathryn," they said. Two women who were mentally disabled (by "normal" standards) and their guides, who were there to help shepherd them in a shopping experience, quietly came in a moment of grace. One of them "wore the costume" of Downs syndrome and could hardly be understood when she spoke. The tip off for me right away that these were Angels in disguise was the one with Downs frequently asking a question, (I heard as code for "we are not who we seem"), "where are the Halloween cards?" The two guides were gently trying to help her see that it was not Halloween, yet, but I knew what she was really trying to say.

My friend, Cindy, who crossed over 5 years ago has shared with me many times that none of us are really who we seem and that we are all heroes who have come here in disguise to be of service.

"We come in disguises as if at a costume party. We sometimes have a great laugh at each other when we see what each of us chose as our costume."

At some point in the process of wrapping her purchase up she made a point to make sure it would go in a sack. When I brought the sack out and handed it to her she held it open and said: "Trick or Treat" and laughed as I place her purchase in her sack. Then she asked me for my card. When I handed it to her she scrutinized it carefully and said very purposefully: "Oh, you are very famous! We all know you! We'll be coming again sometime." Then winked. Her guides were mildly amused, but I'm sure, missed what was really going on as she wished me a Happy Halloween.

I make it a point to see that Sophia's Gifts, the little studio/shop I work in daily, has always been a place of comfort and encouragement for those who come to visit. Today, however, the Angels came to call just to extend the encouragement to me. I am so glad I was paying attention! Somehow, I'll bet they have been out and about in your lives, too....Have you noticed?