Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Monday, July 4, 2011

For those times when you may wonder "why am I here?"

Why am I here, what is my work?
    • There will be many who will lure you with their version of truth and reality. You will look here and there for the answers outside of yourself and your own experiences. As long as you continue to mistrust yourself and the way Spirit wants to work with you and guide you, you will be on the search and ever confused....

    • If you want to know what you should do today, which is all you have: the ever breaking moment of now, go inward into the silence and wait there.

    • You will be guided on your path in these moments of silence.... Do not look for grand and glorious ways, because the way is simple and real. Do not look for dramatic and powerful effects, they just feed the false ego.... Go simply and quietly into the Heart of God/Divine Mystery and you will be shown the way.

    • It will not be far from home with great adventures. The change the world needs is from the inside out....It will seem that while you wait you are wasting precious time listening to what? The Silence? How could that be of help?

    • These questions are temptations to try to take charge of the Grand Plan. Then, while you are quietly stirring the soup or gathering the eggs, poking the soil and doing the daily chores, the Holy One's Voice will sound in you and it will say: I Love You!

    • If you let it sink in and accept it, this will be your important work for our world, letting our Source be Love in you. Let it permeate the whole of you and you will be like a the grail cup, full of the Divine substance and everyone you meet and everything you touch and that your eyes fall upon will be infused with this gift as well. They will see and experience something that appears to be ordinary, but in fact is extraordinary!

    • The Incarnate God walks out into the world as you! Search the world over if you must, walk on all the known sacred places you hear of, or that seem to call to you, do the magic ceremonies and rituals you think will matter, seek out the wisdom of sages. I will tell you the truth as I know it: the very ground you walk on is sacred in your coming to it as the love filled vessel you are. Pour it out now. Heaven is where you stand....