Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Friday, June 27, 2008

Faithful companions-purple campenula...

When I first moved here to the coast, the confirmation that it was the right move for Sophia Center was discovering these little purple Campenula in a planter in front of the shop. At first they seemed somewhat timid, but came on strong after I kept complimenting them and touching them every time I walked by. At our very first location in the Historic Laundry Building at Marylhurst, this same variety of Campenula lined the narrow space in front of the building. In the summer, at least 10 people a day would stop to ask what kind of flower that was. This must have gone on for years before I came to establish my studio there because once I inherited the care of the old laundry building I would find little notes taped in every nook and cranny, written by the older sister that was the manager of the building before me. I think they were meant to be a reminder to her. Each one said: "The purple flowers out front are Campenula."

These little bell shaped flowers bloomed continuously, even during the winter! There was always one or two that bloomed as if to say: "we won't leave you, even in the winter, because we know how much you love us." There have been ground breaking studies "back in the day" to show that plants somehow know they are loved and thought well of and they seem to respond favorably to this attention. Some of you may remember an earlier post I did about my orchid. It gave me five or six big blossoms and hung around for about 3 months and then faded away. I thought I might have to wait another year or two for any more activity from this little soul, but, to my amazement. I discovered that where the old flower stalk ended and shriveled up is a new one shooting out with more buds getting ready to wow me! Maybe it wanted to encourage me as I get used to the fact that Toby is no longer physically present. Maybe little orchid thought I could use some creature company. Don't get me wrong, My sister and I are having a marvelous time spending time each day. I think it is the way that Mother Earth reaches out to us through the beings who are most in tuned with her energy.

The thing is, Mother Earth is changing. She is being re-configured by cosmic forces. And, she is not the only one. There is astounding new data, not covered by main stream media. that every planet in our solar system is going through a process of global warming! It has nothing to do with the burning of fossil fuels either. There is a fundamental change that is happening to our part of the cosmos, a birthing process. Consciousness is awakening in all of us. Our plant and animal kin are even more aware of it than we are and are preparing us to join in the great awakening our planet is experiencing. This is why, in the end, it is so important to tend to the environment and watch ourselves so we don't add to the difficulty of the change we and out planet must experience. Most of all it is our heart place and the quality of our thoughts and feelings that are so important to be directing and choosing carefully. It will be the difference between a hard or soft landing, I think. There are many out there that want to keep stirring up fear and negativity. However, this is an important transition time that requires many faithful lighthouses and anchors to help keep stability and hope and kindness moving us forward. It starts for all of us by first looking in the mirror and loving who we see, and then taking that feeling into each day and looking out at our world with this same positive recognition. Because, when we arrive where we are going as a transfigured species, we want to be able to recognize the faithful companions waiting for us to realize we have come to our "sweet spot." I'll bet for me, and I'm counting on it, that it will be something like those little purple Campenula that will be involved. What about you?

Monday, June 2, 2008

When Angels take their leave......

This seems to be a time for Angels, I guess. A special Angel who has been my companion for the last 5 and a half years took his leave this day about noon. I inherited him, a white with brindle patches, greyhound from my friend, Cindy, who preceded him by 5 years, as she crossed the rainbow bridge. When he first came into our household from the greyhound adoption program he carried a winning racer Name:" Nebraska Chief." He told us he wanted to be called Toby. He carried his name in a gentle way. Everyone who ever met him notice his regal beauty. He had an unusual diamond shaped mark on his third eye, that is called a "monks hood" and it is believed that a dog carrying that mark was touched by the hand of God. All of us who knew him, felt that way too. The many times I took him to the beach he was an ambassador of peace and welcome to all he met. He once pointed out a heart shaped shell fossil and so many times helped me find heart shaped rocks. It was only right that we two walked together looking for hearts. His very fir coat sported a heart shaped brindle patch, so his mission here on earth was to remind us all of the power of love in our lives and to lead lives where matters of the heart were first and foremost. What I liked most about Toby was his quiet presence, he never demanded attention but was content to be near by, keeping me company. One of the great things that he was for me was an exersize coach. Because of him, I walked each day and made time to get out and see the world around me as he did, sniffing the salt sea air and looking for something furry to chase. I loved that he stayed by my side when we walked. I never had to worry if he would run away when he walked or ran on the beach without a leash. When we would take our long walks up the beach he stayed just a pace behind me, "following his leader," like a good dog should. What an easy person he was to be with. During the 3 short years he was a racer he experienced many things that left him scarred and scared. I don't even want to think what it must have been like living in a cage during those years. When we adopted him he became a 45 mile an hour couch potato. I'm not sure if my couch will ever be the same without a greyhound on it. For the next three days, the gate to the yard will be left open in recognition of his newfound freedom. Run free, Dear Friend, you are free to chase any rabbit you like now and eat all the chicken strips you want. Thank you for coming near for a while.