Welcome to the Hearth

Welcome to the Hearth

Friday, March 27, 2009

Vote for the Earth During Earth Hour 2009!

I invite you to join the growing numbers of people on our planet who will vote for the EARTH at 8:30 pm local time on March 28th and turn their lights out for one hour.This is a growing movement that started in 2007 in Australia to raise awareness of global warming and the earth in peril. It is a very simple concept that we can do to be in unity with an act that symbolizes our commitment to care for our planet and connect with one another in a moment of oneness. Short notice, but a powerful act of unity for any out there who would join me. Last year, at least 50 million people all around the world did this. We're aiming for one billion souls this year to vote for Earth! Come on, turn out your lights, and light a candle for US ALL. See you in the dark.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sophia Center gets a Second Life

What if I were to tell you a second life is possible? I don't really mean reincarnation as we think of it but, really, being another "being" in another dimension, and moving that new self around in this other dimension and being able to have interaction with others who have another "self"? Huh? I am talking about the virtual reality called Second Life. Last summer when a large number of sisters from the order met to share with one another, I learned about Second Life and thought about exploring it. I'm still a "newbie" when it comes to all of this technology, but, am smart and willing to learn. With the help of my new sister-guides Widget and Doon, I have committed to the intention of establishing a presence for Sophia Center in Second Life. There are many women around the world who lament that I can't join their women's spirit circles, where ever they meet, so I am starting one in Second Life. In my brief explorations I have met in circle with other women, done Tai Chi, walked a labyrinth, gone horseback riding and even flown without a plane or the use of wings! Yes you can fly in Second Life! It will become the hottest social networking experience yet. If you combine Second Life with Skype, it makes it much easier to communicate with those you are meeting with. My friend on "the other side" told me that Second Life is the perfect metaphor to understand who we are. When we are not in a body, we are in our Primary state of being as eternal souls, living in another dimension. When we come into body, we create an avatar, like Sr. K or whoever you are reading this . Second Life is humanity's way of expressing our growing understanding of who we truly are. You have to experience it first to see and feel what I mean. Second Life is a free application, as is Skype.

The Avatar one chooses can be altered to be as tall or as thin or whatever your imagination requires. By experimenting with clothes, for example, (which I have very little interest in First Life) I have discovered some possibilities for my First Life, Sr. K self without have to spend much money and time going shopping. Oh, I did go shopping with one of my Second Life sisterguides. I even tried on some heels, which did not hurt my feet one bit. LOL. It struck me that we could try things out in Second Life to see how they work before manifesting them in First Life. Maybe we can build a whole new world easier than we think, kind of like we did when we were kids, playing and working things out before we made them "real."

At the Second Life web site you can check out what the systems requirements are to see if you have all the necessary power and speed etc. with your equipment and Internet access. If you should jump into this adventure, look for Horsemaker Soulstar. I will probably be hanging out on Commonwealth Island. Let's meet up there!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Out in left field

My father loves telling me the story of the two old codgers who were having a discussion about weather they play baseball in heaven. Each agreed that if he died first, he would come and tell the other what he found out. Old John died first and three days after his passing he came to his friend, Dan in a dream. "Well, Danny Boy," he said, "I got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that they do have baseball in heaven, the bad news is you're starting pitcher this tuesday!"

My father loves baseball, so I asked him what position he wanted to play when he got over to the other side and he told me:" Oh, I guess I'd like to be out there in the left field." "Ok, then," I said, "I'll know where to be looking for you!"

And so it is, this day, about 3:20 a.m. he slipped on his ball mitt and joined the team for spring training as he slipped ever so quietly away in his sleep. May he rest in peace. This was a good time to leave the chaos of this world and all the problems we who are left behind are facing. He got to choose the seeds and plants that will go into the garden he loved so much this spring. His Eastering is sweet as he takes his place out there in left field to enjoy the game from another point of view. Dad, you will be missed.